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Globalization at a Glance – Dennis Li

Globalization is firmly present in everything from the clothing I wear to the electronics I use on a daily basis. My shirt is made in China, my shorts are made in Indonesia, and my socks are made here in the US. Even the country  where the clothing is made may not be the country that the company is located in, so there may be multiple countries behind each piece of clothing. With iPhone, for example, the company, Apple, may be located in America, but the actual phone is assembled in a factory in China, contributing to its affordability.

Globalization has also helped with job prospects for my immediate family. With many businesses now required to interact on the international stage in order to grow to the next level, this process entails not only looking for more working personnel, but those that provide an international background. This has provided ample job opportunities for my family in globalized companies that may have otherwise been nonexistent had companies still only operated domestically.

In many ways, globalization has been very good for the US. Popular examples usually consist of large commercial companies that have factories in cheaper countries which allows them to provide products at very affordable prices. Other large scale examples include the wide range of different international products Americans are able to purchase at relatively low prices as a result of the large scale international trading that happens. However, there are also some drawbacks to globalization, mainly present in the logistics of trading agreements. Being mostly withheld from the public, many trade agreements have actually resulted in massive trade deficits for the US, putting a terrible financial strain on the country itself (Babones).


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