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Globalization at Various Levels

Name: Chapin Eager

Class: ENES464

Globalization is relevant to every person’s life, whether they realize it or not.  In my own life, products that I buy and wear daily have their own global background. Consider a pair of Adidas, the company itself has headquarters in Germany, but when looking at my own pair of shoes, it says the shoes were made in Indonesia. Looking further at Adidas’ website, I was able to look at the executives of the company, who come from a variety of countries like Denmark, Germany, and the United States. This demonstrates that Adidas has a global corporate mindset, and in kind demonstrates how globalization can impact a life in such a minor way.

In more important ways, globalization has had great impact on my family. Like the majority of Americans, members of my family immigrated to this country. My grandparents’ parents both immigrated from Germany in the 1800s. In the 1800s there was an uphill slope in immigration, spiking in 1882 with nearly 800,000 immigrants. Though my great-grandparents came from Germany and never became fluent in English, neither of my grandparents knew any German. My grandparents were both born soon after the first World War ended. In 1917, when the United States joined World War I, a shift was marked in the attitudes towards German-Americans – German staples like Sauerkraut and Hamburgers were renamed, and german-language education ended.  The negative ideas regarding a globalized society in America created a language barrier between my great-grandparents, grandparents, and their kids – including my mother.

Though globalization has in my opinion impacted my own life in a positive manner, it should also be noted, that overall globalization has had a positive impact on the United States as well. Looking at the charts from the class 1 lecture, at various points increases in the mobility of capital coincide with upward trends in the U.S.’ GDP.






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