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Globalization: Bringing the citizens of the world together

Alexander Abelson

As mentioned by Thomas Friedman, civilization has been experiencing the effects of globalization for a few hundred years now. Globalization has developed and expanded so much over the years that even individuals can feel its effects. Every day, I drive my Toyota Camry to work, the product of a Japanese company, I consume entertainment on a Samsung TV and an LG brand smartphone, both products of Korean Innovation. I, myself, am even a product of globalization as my mother’s family is from France and my fathers from Russia, yet I was born in America.

The majority of my family still live in Europe. Despite this 4,000-mile separation, myself and my family all have access to the same sorts of products and companies. My French cousins all have iPhones, the product of an American company. Both myself and my cousin can walk down the street and buy food from a subway sandwich restaurant. We can even both watch the same video on YouTube or buy French and American products on a website like amazon. Even though we live on opposite sides of the Atlantic, in countries with a different culture, history, and language, we both still have access to products from each other’s home country and around the world.

Overall the US has benefited from globalization as it has created the circumstances for the US to be the world powerhouse. These circumstances came in ways such as Technological innovation, as globalization promotes competition among countries, stimulating technological development. It created a higher quality of life for Americans as products could be produced cheaper abroad, which meant they would cost less and it allowed Americans to have access to goods and services from around the world. It also allows capitalism to thrive as companies can expand their markets to increase revenue, which, combined with international trade, provides a boost to the American Economy.

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