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Globalization: Expanding Our Reach Through Technology

By Ryan Ellis

How does globalization feature in your daily life?

Globalization has provided me with ample choice for when it comes to products or services. Now instead of having to rely on local companies I can choose to spend my money on whoever has the best product rather than who is most convenient. A specific example is that everyday I use Spotify, which is made in Sweden, but I could have very well purchased Apple Music or Tidal, which are both US based companies. Through the internet I am no longer limited when it comes to choosing a specific product which I believe greatly benefits both the consumer and businesses.

How has globalization impacted your near and extended family?

This summer I am doing an internship in Seattle while my family is at home in Maryland. Even though I’m nearly 3,000 miles away from my parents and siblings, I’m able to communicate with them everyday through the use of technology, primarily through social media and text messaging. My mother who’s family is from New Zealand, is able to FaceTime her parents everyday and give them a look into our lives on the other side of the world when previously we would only get a single call a year. I feel as though globalization has helped to bring people even closer together and in particular families because now no matter how far away someone is, they can stay in touch and stay connected which I think is incredibly important. 

Has globalization been good for the US?

Overall I think globalization has been definitely been good for the US because it has opened up new markets for all US businesses to have access to. Obviously this works both ways as foreign companies can compete with local companies but I think that overall the economy has greatly benefited from being able to sell products not only to the American people but to people anywhere in the world which is a very powerful thing.

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