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Globalization: From Family to Phones

Hello everyone, my name is Nick Ordansa and I am a second generation Filipino-American. As such, the impacts of globalization effect my everyday family life. My grandfather immigrated to the United States following the end of Japanese occupation of the Philippines in 1945 [1]. He lived and worked in Baltimore sending as much money as he could to his wife and children back home. Eventually they had saved enough money to move the rest of the family overseas, however they did not stop with their children. Soon after that my grandfather started to send money to bring his and his wife’s siblings as well. This process took decades, continuing past my father’s naturalization in 1982 and as a result I know and have a relationship with much of my extended family.

The impacts of globalization in my life do not end there. My grandparents currently live in Glen Burnie, MD and before I visit I always call ahead to let them know I am stopping by. I use a Google Pixel 2 which is designed by Google in California, manufactured by HTC in Taiwan [2] and was purchased by me in Maryland. This example of global supply chain management has provided me with affordable and powerful technology I use every day.

That said, I believe the U.S. has benefitted from globalization. Companies like Apple for example can compete just as fiercely as their competitors in countries abroad with the same ease as they do in the U.S. [3]. This helps to strengthen the local economy of the U.S. and its impact in the global market.


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