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Globalization: From Impacting Countries and Companies, To Influencing Individuals (Brandon Nguyen)

By: Brandon Nguyen

When observing my daily life, aspects that I would never think about have been impacted by globalization. An example is the clothes I put on everyday. I never stop to think about how it was made in Vietnam and what paths we have taken in order to connect with the country and create these business collaborations. An abundance of things I see surrounding me daily including foods, clothing, cars, and phones have some influence from foreign countries and it is something that has become so commonplace that me and many others don’t ever think about how impactful globalization has been for our economy.

Two generations ago, my entire family lived in Vietnam and now we reside in four different continents. They moved originally because of the changing geo-politics of the Vietnam War, but in the future because of new market opportunities in other countries. We now have a well-rounded family full of different races, backgrounds, and living situations. We all share experiences where other nationalities influence our daily lives whether it be by food, clothing, and electronics. Since the year 2000, international trade has surpassed 200 billion dollars and it is shown by the cultures my family has observed and implemented into their own lives.

Globalization has not only been good for the US, but the world. Numerous continents including the US all hold major shares of the world GDP, which happens to be growing exponentially at a faster rate than our population. Likewise, Han Rosling’s statistical data exemplifies how globalization has caused almost all countries to have growth in both income and lifespan, placing them in or closer to the rich and healthy region of the graph. Globalization has impacted everyone in various ways whether they see it or not, and it has benefitted countries including the US, globally.

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