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Globalization: Granting Access to Resources


By: Lidya Tesfaye

Everything I interact with daily is a feature of globalization. I have access to technologies,  and vehicles that has parts built and assembled in different countries besides where I currently live.  Even certain foods come from different parts of the U.S before it reaches my plate. I even have the privilege to buy certain products at a cheap price just because it comes from another country. Using online shopping tools like Amazon, or eBay allows me to buy things I might not physically be able to buy since some sellers are overseas.

My parents made the decision to come to this country from Ethiopia because of what it had to offer to them. The dream of providing an easier and better life for their kids through education. My parent heard about the endless opportunities that existed in the land of America. The endless amounts of jobs available if you seek it. The education you can get by taking out loans. Having access to things their country didn’t provide was the reason my parents saw America as an exemplification of globalization. This decision my parents made to bring my sisters and I to this country led to advantages too. Sometimes my parents travel back to Ethiopia and provide their siblings with better quality things that would normally be either overpriced or non-existent in Ethiopia.

Globalization has been good for the US. There is almost nothing you can’t get in America. For example, my parents are from Ethiopia and to cook certain foods requires certain spices and ingredients. It is very rare to not be able to simply go and find a store that sells those ingredients. There might be specific cases but it is sometimes easy to get a taste of Ethiopia or even anything especially in America because of globalization.

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