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Globalization: How it can impact you

Globalization impacts every aspect of my daily life. My clothes are manufactured in places like Honduras and Taiwan. By having clothes made in other countries and sold in the US, companies are able to produce and sell them cheaper. I can the more easily afford them and be able to purchase clothing that appeals to my style and not just my necessity. Another example would be my vans were made in China even though the popular shoe company originated in California. My Iphone 5S that I use for everything from communicating to friends and family to keeping up with sports and news was designed by the American company Apple but built in China. My Toyota Camry allows me to conveniently travel around while having great gas mileage. It would not be possible for me to have this Japanese company manufactured car if it was not for globalization. It has also affected my family. My mother is a nurse and recently her hospital has a shortage of IV bags. The reasoning behind this being that when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in 2017 a huge IV bag factory there was destroyed. This was the hospitals’ main source of IV bags and therefore that hospital was impacted immensely because of globalization.


Globalization has been very good for the US because it has allowed its companies to have a larger market presence. Companies like McDonalds and Coca Cola can expand their markets to different parts of the world that have much greater populations such as India and China. This has allowed them to increase their capital immensely. It has also been extremely good for tech companies such as IBM as they are able to work with other scientists and engineers from around the world to improve their products.


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