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Globalization: Impactful on Every Level

By. Ryan Villalobos

There can be no denying the sheer ubiquity of globalization within my everyday life.  In this age of information, I am consistently connected to the rest of the world.  Whether it be receiving or sharing, I am plugged into global matters from personal to political.  Moreover, growing up in the suburbs of Maryland did not mean I was only exposed to American products and life.  Whether it be global car brands or electronics, many of my consumer goods were available to  me through the effects of an emerging global market.

My near and slightly extended family have expanded and moved throughout the world already.  Globalization has given various family members of mine tremendous opportunities that transcend national borders and allow them to create lives in different nations.  In addition, the need for labor within the United States has allowed some of my family from Latin America to move to the United States.  The increased opportunities that resulted from globalization has generally helped my near and extended family.

In my opinion, Globalization has been good for the United States.  According to statistics from obamawhitehouse.archives.gov, the US economy has grown considerably since the begin of modern Globalization, allowing the US to stay competitive on the World Stage.  Although some may argue that Globalization has caused a loss in US manufacturing jobs, I would suggest that it has given US citizens an incentive to further pursue better paying jobs in higher skilled markets such as Computer Science.  Lastly, a direct aspect of Globalization is a notion of less restricted trade.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the side effects of free trade is lower prices on goods for American families which is ultimately a good thing.

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