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Globalization Impacts Everyone

Globalization Impacts Everyone

Written by Kirsten Ostrom

Globalization has spread like a vine on a tree. Slowly spreading to all regions of the world, creating infinite connections, no matter how far. Without globalization my day to day routine would be substantially different. For example, being able to transport myself from one location to another requires weekly, sometimes twice weekly, gasoline stops. An article published on NPR, “Where Does America Get Oil? You May Be Surprised”, presented a diagram showing the U.S. importing 61.2 percent of its oil from other countries. Plus, not all gas stations are American owned companies like BP and Shell. 

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I enjoy going to the store to pick out fresh produce. A majority of the produce available, year-round, in stores are from other countries. The U.S. food industry relies on importing and exporting goods from other countries. Bananas, one of my favorite fruits and Americas most commonly enjoyed fruit, are imported from tropical locations like Dominican Republic, Panama, and many other tropical countries. 

Globalization has allowed families to migrate across the globe and mix new cultures and nationalities into their family. My sister went to school in Canada and now lives there permanently with her husband, who is from the provenance. Using different applications of technology, we are able to stay in touch and connected with family across the globe. 

Globalization in the U.S. has both benefits and drawbacks. One of the benefits is GDP (gross domestic product), referred to as the size of the economy, has steadily increased year after year and in 2018 was measured at 20,494099.85 dollars. Another benefit is the opportunity for American owned companies to expand stores, products, and services to other countries and enter more markets. This barley scratches the surface of how globalization affects us today.

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