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Globalization In My Life

By Kyle Boyd

Globalization is featured in my daily life through the products I consume. Many of the companies whose products I use are large, multi-national corporations. Whether it is my car, the food I buy, or the shoes I wear, these companies typically have a presence outside of the US.

Most, if not all, of my family has had positives effects as a result of globalization. This is because no one in my close or extended family works in factories or has a job that can be moved out of the country. Therefore, we only reap the benefits of lower prices as a result of reduced costs when companies outsource work out of the country.

There are two different perspectives on how much globalization has benefitted the US: the perspective of the consumer and the perspective of the worker. For the consumer, they enjoy lowered prices as companies cut costs by exporting factory work to countries with more relaxed labor laws, as well getting certain products that are unique to certain regions, like out of season fruit. For the worker, specifically factor workers, globalization has made it so that they are losing their jobs to people in countries that they can’t compete with. Overall, I think economically we have had a positive experience with globalization, although there is a moral argument about exploiting third world countries for cheap labor.

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