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Globalization in my Life

Rohit Pathak

Globalization impacts many people in various ways but culturally has been a daily part of my life ever since I was a kid to now. Being the first generation of Indians born in America is a big way to see many different cultures. From having your own strict rules in the household such as not being able to spend the night at a friend’s house and education being the number one priority. Whereas in America, many families often have their children do everything on their own; move out at 18, pay their portion of bills and rent. Being able to study with many different people with different ethnicities and making friends is very unique compared to my home country in India. The source has a graph where we can see how international families are coming into the US by number. From 1950 to 2008, there has been an increase from 25 million tourist arrivals to approximately 924 million.

Source: https://www.globalpolicy.org/globalization/tables-and-charts-on-globalization/27543.html

Technological advancements and trading with other countries has affected my family in the biggest way. Before when my parents wanted to speak to their family members, they had to buy international minutes with our cell phone company and only have limited time to talk to them. Whereas now we have smart phones (from outside countries) with apps like WhatsApp and Facebook so we have more communication with our extended family who do not live in the country. Technology really started to boom in the 90’s. From the 90’s to now there was an increase from 16 million internet users to 1, 565 million users.

Source: https://www.globalization101.org/smartphone-usage/ https://www.globalpolicy.org/component/content/article/109/27519.html

Globalization is beneficial for the US and for other countries. If globalization were to not exist and every country was individual; trades, technology, cultures would not be passed on and learned from others. Globalization is the reason we have these technological advances. Many of these advances come from outside countries but are being applied here. Globalization helps people come together, learn from one another, and make the world a better and easier place to live in.

Source: https://courses.lumenlearning.com/boundless-ushistory/chapter/globalization-and-the-u-s/

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