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Globalization in My Life

Michael Shaham

From the products I use and purchase to political views I take, globalization affects my daily life in countless ways. It also allows me to live as a global citizen of this world because of my ability to have and make connections on many continents throughout this world, which can benefit my life greatly. The product I am currently using to write this blog post (Lenovo X1 Carbon) was developed in another country, along with many other products I use like my phone, tablet, speaker, car, clothing, and more. Finally, because of globalization, the average lifespan during my lifetime has increased, and thus, my health and lifespan has improved and increased as well, as shown in the video created by Hans Rosling.

Considering my parents are both immigrants to the United States, globalization has greatly impacted my family. My father is an Israeli Jew who’s family moved to Israel from Ukraine. My mother is a Dutch citizen who was born in Indonesia when Indonesia was still a Dutch colony, and was forced to leave Indonesia at a very young age. Her father worked for the IMF, and thus she grew up moving from continent to continent. My parents ended up in Canada, where I was born, so I am now a U.S. and Canadian citizen, who could also be an Israeli citizen. All of this makes my family truly globalized.

Globalization has greatly benefitted the U.S. and has made the U.S. the most powerful country in the world, which should continue for many years to come, even if that power becomes more shared. It has also improved the livelihood of U.S. citizens by slowly helping to improve the quality of life and lifespan of U.S. citizens, as well as citizens of other countries all over the world.

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