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Globalization in the United States

Ellen Wetzel

Globalization features in almost every area of my daily life. Most of my clothes and goods were not made in the US. International supply chain is integrated in many of the businesses that sell products in America. The food I eat is sometimes labeled as imported olive oil from Italy or imported olives from Greece. Other countries have brought their market into my every day grocery stores. I go to a university that has many international professors and students who I interact act with and learn from. I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Edinburgh for the same tuition as University of Maryland because Maryland has a partnership with a global exchange program, which connects Universities from all over the world.

Globalization has affected my family in huge ways. One example is my brother works for a global oil servicing company that sends him all over the world to assess and work on oil rigs. He has been to Malaysia, Scotland, Egypt and many other countries.

The US has greatly benefited from globalization because the US has been easily able allow people, goods, companies and markets into other countries, as well as letting other countries’ people, goods, companies and markets come to the US. The international employees of US institutions and businesses, whether working in or outside the US, have brought amazing innovations and ideas, which in turn have benefited the US. In addition US companies have been able to expand their markets globally, thus potentially getting more profit if successful. Furthermore, allowing American companies to move parts of their supply chain internationally as benefited the company’s businesses to build their products in a cost efficient way.

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