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Globalization: individuals

By: Joseph Arias

In my daily life globalization is featured practically everywhere. It is featured in all the products I use such as my car, the clothes I wear, and the electronics I use. Globalization allows me to get and use great products that help me throughout my daily life.

Globalization as impacted my family in the same ways as myself. My uncle is impacted from globalization in a different way because he owns a masonry company and gets some products from overseas and he has also hired some people from other countries to work for him. He experiences globalization from products and from the globalization of individuals.

Globalization has been good for the US. It is good because it has created jobs around the world and produced economic growth. It also allows products to cost less because companies use cheap labor and can sell products for less. This is good for the US because it helps the economy in the US.

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