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Globalization is Used to Secure the US Market and Citizens From Unstable Regions of the World

Day-by-day I witness the fruits of globalization in the US inadvertently. The US has benefited from globalization, in that substantial foreign capital is brought into the US economy and individuals from other countries are emigrating to the US.


Trade has not only allowed Americans to enjoy technologies from foreign markets, it has also given the US an opportunity to export its products to other countries. According to the World Bank, exports of goods and services from the US accounted for about 12.5% of its GDP (World Bank, n.d.).


The lab I in which I am a member is headed by a professor who is Chinese, and many of my lab mates are from China. Collaborating with someone from a time zone of a twelve-hour difference brings together different insights and cultural perspectives into my research. Since the professor completed his doctoral and post-doctoral studies in the US before becoming a US professor, his young daughter was likely born in the States. If so, she follows a journey similar to mine. My parents emigrated to America from Africa, and I was their first child born in the US. My extended family members are spread throughout Europe and America. For my parents, and I assume other family as well, leaving Africa allowed them to not get caught in the crossfire of war when the Rebels descended upon West Africa killing many.


In a way, globalization offered my parents security and contributed to the US’ security at the top of the World Bank’s GDP ranking (World Bank, 2017).



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