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Globalization: It’s a small world after all!

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In my daily life, the evidence of globalization can be seen everywhere. My shoes come from China, and my t-shirt made in Thailand, my car produced in Germany, my house built from Canadian wood and American concrete, and professors at my school from Inia, Turkey, and Spain. Evidence of globalization occurring in my lifetime seems obvious, but it has not always been this way.

Globalization “is the freer movement of goods, services, ideas and people around the world.(Economist)”. Organizations such as the World Trade Organization and international communities such as the UN are continuously making our world a smaller and more stable place since the end of World War 2 in 1945. These organizations have allowed for more efficient markets, increased global competition, stabilized security and more wealth equality throughout the world. Though there is much room for improvement in all of these categories, our current successes are a testament to global networks and the effectiveness of cooperation and competition.

In the US, my family is the fourth generation, 100% Irish on my father’s side and is German and Italian on my mother’s side. My family in Ireland are distant cousins and own a pub called Fagan’s, and my mom’s side was forced to flee Germany due to the rise of the Third Reich. My great grandfather stayed home and protected his Jewish friends and business associates, eventually dying for the cause and was recovered and now buried on the Martyr path in Israel.

Using my family’s story, I think globalization has brought many hard working people to the US and helped grow major sectors such as high technology and healthcare. Where it has hurt the US is in manufacturing and blue collar jobs where it is much cheaper to use foreign labor and outsource.


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