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Globalization: Making the World A Smaller Place (Brittney Murugesan)

Growing up, the education system always preached the value of diversity and the ideology that comes with it. However, we were never prompted to think about how diversity even came about.

The cause? The answer is very simple: globalization.

I personally experience the effects of globalization on a daily basis. This ranges from the food I eat to the car I drive to the people in my life. Cuisine options extend from all the corners of the world, from Thai to Latin American to Italian. Food industries are constantly seeking expansion. This domino effect brings immigrants to the United States and furthers along with the impacts of globalization. When immigrants diversify the population with their unique cultures and new ideas, the economy and technological developments thrive.

The globalization of companies and their efforts to expand their industries to international levels allowed my parents to immigrate from India to the United States. Once immigrated, they were provided with the opportunity to financially support their extended family back home. In effect, my extended family was able to move to all parts of the world. Today, about 30 years after my family was afforded the opportunity to have financial security and prosperity, I have family in Canada, France, Brazil, the UK, and India. This geographical footprint is enormous, and it is all thanks to the globalization of companies.

The globalization effort that companies are making has benefited America on numerous levels. Not only has it provided the country the opportunity for cultural diversity with the people it brings along, but it also has economically helped in so many ways. The free market is thriving with these new ideas and technological advancements. Between car companies, smartphone devices, and even social media, nearly every industry benefits in some form or another because of globalization.

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