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Globalization: Marking its Path

By: Zach Wilkoff

Globalization is a necessity in society today where companies and organizations are expanding throughout the world. In simpler terms, it’s when there’s an increase in capital, labor and goods that are flowing in and out of the country. I don’t know where society and myself would be if there wasn’t globalization already occurring. Most of the products that I own are from other countries, making me wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have access to these out-of-market innovations. Everything from my iPhone and PS4, to my Jordan sneakers have all been produced in China. Being said, if the U.S. didn’t have access to all the manufacturing going on across seas, they may have been behind in the competition. In fact, China’s foreign Direct Investments have increased about 60 billion dollars from 2004-2010. Thus, showing that globalization is a more modern concept, and that companies and countries are starting to have a lot of markets outside their countries. Globalization has affected me with the products I purchase, but my friends and family as well who all get similar products to me. Most of the things we buy are from outside of the U.S., so if globalization wasn’t a thing, I don’t know what we would rely on.

I think globalization has been fantastic for the United States. We have an abundance of access to amazing technology and products that get manufactured outside of the country that make our lives either more entertaining, or easier. Globalization is also very beneficial to the U.S. in the fact that they can export any products or goods outside of the country as well. An example is fast food chains such as McDonalds and Taco Bell that have expanded outside the country.

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