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Globalization of the software development industry

There are a number of different types of globalization so it is important to specific which type is being discussed. Today I will discuss globalization of industry with respect to the software development industry. This has affected my daily life in a number of different ways because I am a computer programmer. I was working toward becoming a software developer but because most of the software development jobs are being outsourced, I have reconsidered if it will still be a demand for people with that skill in the US. Often times software requirements will be drafted somewhere in the US and these requirements are then given to developers around the world who can complete the project. Using the assessment of corporate globalization from the lecture, it appears that a lot of software companies have completely globalized their supply chain. Also, because these companies are developing the software, they have the best understand of the technicalities and will often times provide customer support as well. My family has detailed to me on numerous occasions that sometimes when they are calling to get support on something that they assume to be an American product, they find themselves speaking with someone in a different country. I believe that this globalization can be both good and bad. It can be good because companies can save tremendous amounts of money and time by not having their software developed in North America. In an article by Qubit, it details how the average hourly rate for an American developer is $150 while the average hourly rate for a developer in central Asia can be as low as $15. This globalization can be bad because sometimes with this cheaper labor, the skills are not as great and you might have to spend more money on the backend to patch and remediate the problems and glitches that may arise.


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