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Globalization On a Small Scale- Sara Ennis

In today’s world, globalization plays a role in almost everyone’s life. It effects what we eat, what we watch, where we live and many other aspects of our lives. Because of globalization, the products I use on my skin everyday are almost all from other countries. I use sunscreen from France, face lotion from Japan and body wash from Peru. These products I can easily get in a local makeup shop such as Sephora or Ulta with no problem. These companies have a global market presence. They’re tapping into the market of consumers world wide that use beauty products.

Globalization doesn’t just effect what I buy, but it effects my family and friends as well. I have friends from all over the world and with the help of social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, I’m keeping in touch with all of them regularly. My boyfriend is actually not a US citizen, but is from Nepal. He is an international student and with the growth of free market ideology, students from all over the world like him have easier access to attend universities in other countries. With visas and passports being more obtainable by more people around the world I was able to meet my boyfriend. And with him being from a different country, my friends and I have been exposed to products and foods from his country that we may have never tried if we hadn’t met someone from a different country.

With the world becoming globalized, countries all over the world have benefitted. American universities make millions every year from international students studying abroad instead of their home. Companies like Sephora make more profit with a wider variety of products being sold. This globalization helps our economy. Globalization helps companies progress and helps our world become more connected.

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