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Globalization or Revolution?

By: Nikhil Hosamane

Globalization is featured in everyone’s daily lives. Globalization is defined as increasingly friction-less flow of various good, services, information, capital etc. Through the process of globalization the world becomes smaller in which more parts of the world are connected and accessible. The constant improvements in technology, increases in population, and shifts in ideologies (free-market) have all contributed to the rapid globalization of the world.

Globalization is featured in the daily life in relation to everything that people do. The jobs that people perform, the products they consume, the way they spend free time and every aspect of daily life are all products of globalization. For example, the products I consume such as food are imported from around the world rather than locally or domestically manufactured. Also, the cars that I drive are not all produced in the United States but foreign nations, and through the process of trade these cars are available to the American public. Globalization has significantly impacted my near and extended family by connecting them all more closely together. The advancements made in technology have permitted mass communication without boundaries therefore my relatives in India can interact with me even though we are hundreds of miles apart. This helps blur the differences between near and extended family, but rather creates one complete sense of family.

Overall, globalization has been beneficial for the US by considerably improving the quality of life for the nation’s citizens. The BBC video depicts how drastically the quality of life improved in America as the eras of globalization occurred. Globalization is beneficial for all parties involved since important resources around the globe are shared amongst all. The globalization of the world is a social revolution in which countries, companies, and individuals all interact and cooperate for potential mutual gain.


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