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Globalization: Permeating the Globe

Globalization is present in many aspects of my daily life. Every single day I interact with coworkers from different backgrounds and locations around the country, as well as the world. This is achieved through the internet, where I can quickly be aware of global events and stay in touch with others, through sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook.  Many of the beauty products I use, clothes I wear, and fruits I consume are imported from foreign countries. Amazon and EBay make it easy to connect the world and allow different cultures to permeate across the globe.

Globalization through immigration has had a major impact on my family. My great grandparents were from Ukraine. With the increase in immigration to 1,400 thousands of people at the start of the 1900’s, my grandfather’s family moved to the United States, where they raised their children with the customs and culture of their home country. My mother and her parents still continue the tradition of making Ukrainian Easter Eggs each year.

Overall, globalization has had a positive impact on the United States.  International trade has opened the market to a plethora of products and services that weren’t available before.  Although, with the introduction of these new services, local businesses have been less prosperous and people choose to purchase from monopolies that decrease their product cost by becoming global.  It has also allowed for people to travel and gain different knowledge and experiences, contributing to the increase in globalization of information.  Another impact is melding of the minds, especially within universities and businesses to bring about different ideas in influential fields, due to an increase in individual empowerment. Lastly, the most important factor is that the quality of life has skyrocketed, due to the collaboration of technology and communication across the globe (Han Rosling).

~ Danielle Peck

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