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Globalization relates the NBA, daily life and myself?

Countries, companies, and people have been the driving force of globalization. Never before has the individual had such an impact. Colleges have students from around the world – a global network.  Products are made in places most have not seen or will never see. Companies and students are competing on a global scale, students compete with people whom they never even thought of, and companies compete in markets never before recognized. Globalization has become a daily interaction.


Globalization has taken my military family around the world living in a variety of places. My maternal grandparents were the first to come to the United States and much of their family is still in Europe. The other side of my family is spread nationally. Globalization has made travel for my family easier. For vacations around the world there is always someone to stay with no matter where you want to go and what you want to see.


Let’s look at a small example to try and show how globalization has been good for the US. The NBA is a company and talent is their product. Before 1946, no internationally born player played in the NBA. Before 1950, no African played in the NBA. Now, 22.6 percent are international players, representing 37 countries, and 74.4 percent of the NBA identifies as African American. The growth of the talent pool, along with the expanded market grew the NBA from a 50 million-dollar company to a thirty-two billion-dollar company. Greater competition allowed the NBA to become more efficient while also being able to enter new markets. More players have been able to become exposed to the game. The talent pool widens with the market both growing simultaneously. The US can be considered a bigger NBA the talent pool is growing but so are the markets that can be taped.

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