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Globalization: Sweet and Sour (Pouya Susanabadifarahani)

Globalization affects everyone’s lives to varying degrees. For some, globalization has resulted in the accumulation of wealth while for others globalization is misattributed to their state of poverty. Kofi Annan, Former secretary general for the United Nations points out that poverty is not a state of too much globalization but actually the opposite. For me, globalization is the product of everything I do and use on a daily basis. For example, the iPhone is designed in California but it is made China. Apple claims it is cheaper to make it in China and can make it in 15 days vs 9 months in the USA [1]. Globalization allows us to get the products faster and cheaper. It would impractical to innovate and design a product but not be able to get it in the mass public market in a reasonable time. While this is a good thing for the consumers, it brings ethical questions for the working conditions in manufacturing countries and also environmental concerns. On the other hand, these environmental concerns open a new avenue for innovations and markets.

My family and I experience globalization every day.  Globalization has exposed us to new cultures and people, technology, and information. Furthermore, according to Kordos & Vojtovic (2016), multinational corporations account for half of the international trade [2] thus globalization is widespread and we all feel the impact to varying degrees. It is important to note that globalization has occurred a century ago and is not a new phenomenon and came to a halt due to WWI and WWII so we must remember that conflicts around the world today can threaten globalization.

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-Pouya Susanabadifarahani

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