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Globalization: The Big Picture

I did not fully understand the full impact of globalization on my life until watching this previous lecture. It has allowed me to live the secure, comfortable life that I live in the modern world. I am grateful for the opportunity to have access to affordable medical care at any time due to the integration of foreign technology. Information between large research firms are distributed during pandemics and effective procedures help control global safety. I am also able to experience foreign goods such as the car I drive. The technology that I am using even has hardware that was built in the foreign market. The impact of globalization on my life is luxury that is completely different than not too many generations ago. Globalization also affects the people I interact with and, most importantly, the people that I am close with in my life. It can cause financial issues and even poverty when national currency is failing in the global market. The actions of our own country can cause threats to the national security of my loved ones.

The United States has taken advantage of globalization for many reasons. They has been able to generate revenue in foreign markets. They have also made treaties with former enemies to increase trading profits. Trading between governments has driven globalization a great deal. The United States has prospered from the journey of Columbus and bringing the Americas into the foreign affairs. Every person has an independent effect on globalization as well in terms of following international trends. The products I buy and the people I compete with in the world has caused globalization to impact my life on the individual level. Globalization is a unique concept I should be aware in my day to day life instead of thinking on an individual level.

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