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Globalization: The Effect

Julian Castrence

Globalization’s Effect On My Daily Life

In my daily life, the effects of globalization are prevalent. As a consumer, I enjoy the products of non-American companies all the time. My car is a Toyota Rav4, my apartment is filled with furniture from IKEA, and my clothes are from H&M. I also, feel the effects of globalization as an athlete. Globalization has allowed for me to compete in gymnastics competitions around the world, like in Sofia, Bulgaria, and Tokyo, Japan.

Globalization’s Effect On My Family

As a Filipino American with family in America and in the Philippines, I can say that my family has been greatly impacted by the effects of globalization. The open borders of the US and the Philippines allowed my grandparents on my father’s side to come from the Philippines and start a family in DC in the 60’s, and it allowed my mother to study in New York in the 80s. Many of my uncles, aunts, and relatives who live in the US have investments overseas in the Philippines and vice versa.

Globalization’s Effect On The US

I would argue that globalization for the US has overall been a benefit to the country. Globalization has greatly increased the amount of goods and services that are available to American citizens. It has also decreased the average costs of these goods and services. Globalization has also allowed the US to become a leader in healthcare innovation. Of the top 10 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, 6 of them are American companies.

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