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Globalization: The Inevitability of Human Innovation and Interaction


Globalization is the defining feature of my personal life. While I feel that many individuals may misunderstand the prevalence of globalization it is apparent that during the second era of globalization there have been increasingly frictionless flows of capital, labor, information, goods and services. I have been fortunate to have found internship experience in Geneva, Switzerland working for international organization such as the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The capital and income I received for work was from a European country. Conversely, IOM has been able to find and outsource labor, in the form of an intern (i.e. myself and other individuals), from various nations and backgrounds. Today, information is driven through technologies including the internet, smartphones and applications. Finally, goods and services are being outsourced from within countries to international buyers and sellers of capable of providing goods and services.

It has been through globalization that I am even alive today. Interestingly enough, my father, an American from Chappaqua, New York, and my mother, a Kenyan from Nairobi, met one another as a direct result of globalization. During what has been described as the second ERA, my fathers work for the United Nations and my mothers work for the University of Nairobi, led the two of them to meet, begin a relationship and ultimately end with my birth. Since then, my daily life has been continually impacted by globalization in the second and now to an even greater extent, third globalization era.

I believe that globalization has been very good for the United States. Powered by the growth of free market ideologies, globalization reaffirms the United States commitment to endorsing capital growth and has allowed individuals to connect, collaborate, and compete with other individuals with the goal of improving society and the accomplishments of mankind.


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