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Globalization: The Reason I Can Eat Mangoes in December

by Aastha Kaul

As an individual, I am daily influenced by globalization in many ways – most notably in the large variety of products at cheap prices that are available at my fingertips. Instead of simply purchasing an item, now, I deliberate for days, researching prices online. Even at the grocery store, a singular product is sold by a range of brands in different varieties or prices. Furthermore, I do not have to worry about buying fruits or vegetables out of season. With globalization, any fruit is “in season”, any time of the year. Even if I don’t live in a tropical area, I have access to mangoes from South America in the wintertime, simply because globalization allows for the transport of goods all over the world. To me, this is an underrated, awe-inspiring accomplishment of humans.

As a family, we have been allowed a smooth transition to a new country, thanks to globalization. When I was 5 years old, my family left India. We were surprised to realize upon arrival that all of the foods we thought we may never eat again were available here for us to purchase. Indian foods, teas, clothes are constantly imported and available to our family. Now, the internet allows us to even more easily purchase products from across the world.

For the United States, globalization has had a mixed impact. As a consumer, I consider the impact to be mostly good because I am benefited by cheaper prices and more variety. However, as a country, we are slowly becoming more deindustrialized, as labor jobs for big companies have moved to developing countries with lower labor costs. Many office jobs and call center jobs are constantly outsourced as well. For those countries, though, these are all considered positive developments: the percentage of people in developing countries living in extreme poverty has fallen from 52 to 17 percent in thirty years, according to World Bank statistics (Huffington Post).

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