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Globalization: The world at our fingertips.(Michael Sivin)

Technology has allowed for anyone to have the world at their fingertips, whether it’s through their cell phones, tablets, or computers. Globalization has been driven for the most part by technology, and the ever increasing connectivity that people around the world are experiencing each and every day. Globalization is directly impacting me in every daily routine that I perform in my life. My car that I drive to work is German, the phone I use to network with people is made in China, my shoes are made in Vietnam, and my clothes are made in Turkey. Globalization has allowed me to look outward around the world for connections, employment, and wisdom that has aided me in many ways. Globalization has been very near and dear to my family, as I come from a family of immigrants who are able to enjoy and take advantage of the massive connectivity that has come from technology. My family was able to come to the United States after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and has allowed my family to prosper and enjoy the many freedoms America has to offer. Whether it is my Dad who deals with clients from Europe and Asia, or my mom who deals with suppliers in South America. Even being able to go to a grocery store and buy Russian goods that were not available in the US twenty years ago proves that globalization is streamlining humans together. Globalization has been very good for the United States in a variety of Economic, Social, and Political ways. Globalization has allowed consumers new and exciting goods that were not available before, at reasonable prices. In reports from 2017, the United States holds 15.28% of global market share, making it the worlds largest economy. From a financial and investments point of view, increased connection with the rest of the world has allowed for billions of dollars to pour into the US; as well as US investors placing their money in new and emerging markets that drive the future. Globalization has had a direct impact on billions of people all over the world, and will continue to be a driving force for new technology, connectivity, and competition!

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