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Globalization Today

Troy Schaafsma


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Globalization Today

Being a native of United States of America, I see the effects of globalization as it wraps around the world rapidly. Globalization is that in which a business or organization develops an international influence or starts to operate on an international level. Globalization features in my daily life because as an automotive enthusiast and mechanic, automotives like BMW which are designed and manufactured in the United states, are labeled as a “German car” because BMW is an automotive company based out of Munich, Germany. This is a prime example of globalization because the foreign market for their automotive designs thrive and flourish in international markets.

Globalization has impacted my family and our restaurant businesses. We are from North new Jersey which is densely populated with Italians. On a smaller scale, similar to how Starbucks opened a coffee show in the forbidden city, my family has expanded their Italy rooted restaurants businesses into the East coast of the United States of America and even expanded to tropical destinations like Aruba and Bahamas. The global influence of the restaurant has brought in tourists from the islands to Italy to the East coast of the US. The influence of international business has brought in more profits but has also showed us the competitive market and its possibilities of failure due to expansion.

Globalization for the United States has been nothing but good in terms of economically. Corporations like Starbucks and McDonalds thrive internationally and even bring in more revenue in other countries then they do in the United States. Corporations such as Coca-Cola distribute products in more than 200 countries while Nestle is the most profitable food company only distributing in 86 countries. Financially globalization is keeping America on top, but the concern for the free trade market to drain American jobs will continue to rise.

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