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Globalization Today

Globalization is featured in my daily life through the products I use everyday. My iPhone is a product from overseas that has had a significant impact on both my life and the majority of society. Having a smartphone enables me to maintain connection to my friends, families and coworkers at all times. Globalization plays another role in the fact that almost everyone know is connected through globalize do social media.

Globalization has impacted my near and extended family because I have many family members over in Europe that unfortunately my close family is not able to visit that frequently. Applications like Skype and FaceTime have allowed us to get the experience of face to face interaction in another country while remaining in the United States.

Globalization has been a good thing for the US because it helps our country and economy reach other countries which in turn is good for business and the economy. More international trade of our products and theirs makes for a better more advanced global society. Therefore, I believe globalization is very important for society today.


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