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Globalization: Uniting the World as One

Natasha Weiner

Different types of globalization at different levels (including: World, National, Industry and Company levels) are featured in my everyday life in the US. The food products I buy, the restaurants I eat at, the television shows I view, or the car I drive are just a few examples of ways globalization is present in my life. For example, my favorite chocolate “Tony Chocoloney” is only produced in the UK and I have no trouble finding it here in the US. Also, many of the restaurants I eat at are “global restaurants”, including: McDonald’s, Olive Garden, and Chipotle. Not only is globalization extremely present in my every day life it is also present in my family/extended families lives as well. My mom drives a Japanese car and lives in the US, while my uncle in Germany is driving an American car! Lastly, Facebook has billions of users all over the world and is extremely globalized. This is connecting the entire world.

In my opinion, globalization is uniting the world and helping the US in the grand scheme. Even though McDonald’s is an American company it is still extremely popular in other parts of the world. As stated in the “Drivers of Globalization” video, McDonald’s is extremely profitable in France (and brings in a bigger profit than McDonald’s does in the US does), even though it is a US company. Mr. Mourdoukoutas wrote an article for Forbes detailing how globalization has “allowed America to maintain its load in innovation.” He gives the example of Nike and Apple’s products are designed in the US and this “generates highly paid jobs for American employees and hefty returns for American investors”. All in all, globalization is helping the US economy and helping the world unite as one.

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