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American companies outsource to other countries.

Globalization: Who does it help and Who does it hurt? (Michael Ward)

Globalization is a huge factor in my everyday life, from the products I buy to the people I meet. Most of the goods that I buy throughout the day are not actually manufactured in the United States. For example, when I buy a shirt or a TV it is normally made in China or Taiwan. This is due to US clothing and technology production moving outside of the US and outsourcing. One big effect this has on me is lowering the price that I pay for goods, because of lower production costs in other countries, products can be manufactured there for cheaper and then sold in the US at a lower price. Also, I have noticed globalization playing a role in other countries when traveling. For example, McDonald’s is an American company which has now spread throughout the world. No matter what country I go to, Spain or Canada or Mexico, I always end up seeing a McDonald’s. So if I happen to want McDonald’s while in a foreign country, it’s normally not that hard to find. Most of my family lives in Canada, so globalization has had a huge effect on them, starting with NAFTA. NAFTA has allowed Canada to flourish by clearing the path for specialization. Due to globalization during the late 80s and 90s, my parents had the opportunity to immigrate from Canada to the United States for research jobs, much more research was being done in the United States while production was done more in Canada. Overall I believe that globalization has not been good for the US in comparison to other countries. Due to outsourcing and companies moving overseas, other countries have been able to flourish much more than the US has with globalization. Other countries are surpassing the US due to globalization.

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