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Globalization: Who is benefiting the most?

Globalization has had a large impact on my life. The products I’ve been able to purchase and the diversity in the people I have met are all thanks to globalization. It’s incredible to think that most of my clothing is made in China, or that my cellphone was manufactured in Japan. This is a result of the companies within the United States outsourcing to foreign countries because it’s cheaper to manufacture the goods or services there. In my life, this has been beneficial because it has lowered the cost of products and services. A great example of a globalized company is McDonalds. Although I’m not a frequent traveler, I have had many friends that went abroad. Their SnapChat stories were riddled with visits to McDonalds, which is an American company on globalization steroids. It appears that wherever you go there is a McDonalds. Personally, this is great because no matter where I am I can be find the fast-food restaurant and get a traditional American burger and fries. Globalization hasn’t impacted really anybody but my older cousin who does website design. At a family gathering this winter, he was explaining how the globalization of the world has enabled companies to outsource their computer science jobs. He continued to explain how people in foreign countries like India and China are willing to do website design and software development for much cheaper than in America. In comparison to other countries, I believe that globalization hasn’t been beneficial for America in the last few years. Globalization has facilitated the outsourcing of jobs. Some companies have even relocated to foreign countries because it’s cheaper to manage operations overseas. Globalization has allowed other countries to flourish off of our high demand for goods and services at lower and lower prices.


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