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Globalization: Why We Need to Pay Attention.

By: Ava Williams

Every day I wake up to my blaring Apple iPhone (made in Mongolia and China) alarm at 7am, get dressed (all clothes from China), grab a breakfast that consists of strawberries (from Chili) and head to my office. In the midst of the hustle and routine of daily life it may be easy to overlook the global products that make day to day life the way it is. We are universally impacted by globalization. So take a look around, recognize these global items you hold so dear.

Let’s examine the iPhone. 395 iPhones are sold every minute (1). The iPhone may be designed in the US, but it is manufactured around the world (2). In my daily life it is clear that most products I have come to rely upon are imported from global sources.

Globalization had a direct impact on my family. My mother designed and produced luggage in 2013. She wanted a manufacturer in the United States but discovered that the only bags being made here in the US were for the military. After tedious research and thorough tours of potential factories, she produced and exported her product from China.  My whole family learned a lot about global production during this time since her office was in our house. It was truly amazing to see a product mature from a simple idea to a product utilized in people’s homes across the globe. She eventually sold out in 2015 with online sales spanning the US, UK, South Africa and Dubai.

In the United States, I feel that globalization and importing other countries products has snuck up on us. We design locally but produce globally, resulting in fewer manufacturing workers, thus creating a chasm between intellectual citizens and blue collar works.  This has not occurred overnight. It will take time to regain production numbers in the US if we wish to produce at a successful rate.  While globalization may have its advantages, the US should strive to optimize our own resources, or our lack of self-sufficiency may hinder us in the long run.


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