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Globalization within my own circle of influence

By Alexander Goldstein

  • How does globalization feature in your daily life?
    • As a young middle class student in America, most of my interaction with globalization on a daily basis is through the cross flow of information. Every day through the internet and different news and social platforms I am exposed to views and information from a spectrum of sources. On campus and in the lab I work in I meet and interact with people from countries across the world, from China to Brazil the movement of peoples across the globe has had indelible impacts on my experiences
  • How has globalization impacted your near and extended family?
    • In general globalization has not effected my own family as much as many others in America or across the globe. A majority, I would say about 75%, of my family works in or around healthcare. As an industry in the United States it is not one that faces much competition from across the world directly. Most interaction is through the exchange of technologies and people looking for new opportunities
  • Has globalization been good for the US?
    • With the devaluing of US goods and labor through the removal of barriers in the global market I think that it has been a net negative for the US. Globalization also spreads out attention and points of focus to places throughout the globe which has been shown to create patterns of repeated recession and slow the recovery rates after. Source: https://arxiv.org/abs/1010.0410

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