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Globalization’s effects on the common man

Globalization is a developing process overtime that has stemmed from the consumption needs of everyday individuals. Everything from cars to cell phones to food has undergone a form of globalization that has led more individuals to have easier access to the good that they need at more fair prices. 

            Now while the issues are dealt with at the top of these companies by their board members, the effects trickle down to every citizen across the globe. The effects of globalization can be clearly demonstrated in all different forms of consumer wants. These can be physical wants or even changes in religious ideologies over time that have been shifted throughout the world. 

            Specifically, to me and my immediate family, globalization has allowed for us to have access to top level goods at affordable prices. For example, globalization has caused a reduction of prices for companies that have the ability to outsource labor to countries where production is less expensive. Companies like Apple and Nike have made their goods for significantly cheaper and, as long as new harsher tariffs aren’t levied on the companies for outsourcing, they have the ability to offer their products at a lower cost. 

            Now while personally I don’t feel the effects, I have had a family member lose a job at a smaller business consulting firm who decided that they were going to outsource their IT department to cut costs. With the increased ability for companies to outsource for a lower cost, while not losing any of the communication, the ability to cut the US jobs is much easier than it would have been before globalization. 

            Overall, I would say that globalization has had a positive impact on the United States. Companies have had the ability to maintain lower prices for everyone because of their ability to manage their costs. Globalization has also allowed companies to have a higher level of customer responsiveness as they can see future market trends way further in advance than they could have before the world was so connected. The only real downside that you can directly correlate to globalization is the problem with outsourcing jobs and while that is a large issue for American infrastructure. The claimed problem that 14 million jobs are left overseas due to outsourcing is definitely a significant issue however the common everyday American seemingly does not have to face these problems in their everyday life with over 128.7 million people currently employed in the US per the US census. 

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