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Globalization’s Impact on me and the USA

Globalization is constantly featured in my daily life. When I wake up and get dressed, I am often wearing a Hollister shirt manufactured in India and Nike shoes made in Vietnam. Then I might drive to a friend’s house in my partially Japanese-manufactured Honda while listening to a podcast featuring a Canadian and two Englishmen. With my friend Yusef who was born and raised in Jordan, I might go to the mall. There, I could get lunch at Nando’s, a South African company that sells Portuguese-style chicken. This is just an example of a fairly average day in my life, but the evidence of globalization is astounding as it seems that almost everything I do, globalization has had some sort of influence on it. 

Globalization has had a tremendous impact on my family. My father is an Egyptian who was born in Saudi Arabia and then has lived in France, England, and now the United States, while my mother was born from an Albanian farmer and a Turkish woman.  In just two generations of my immediate family, there is already plenty of evidence of globalization in my multinational family network. Beyond that, I have first cousins who are African-American, Israeli, Italian, and Indian which just further demonstrates the impact of globalization on my family. 

Globalization has been very important to the United States. In fact, I would say that globalization is part of the United States’ identity. Being known as the “Melting Pot” and an icon of a free and open market, the United States and globalization are very related in a good way. The United States has been at the forefront of international trade and influence for almost the last century and this has brought about many advantages including a vast market presence and capital base.

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