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Globalization: The Catalyst

By Catalina Mejia

According to Webster’s Dictionary, globalization is “the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets.” The word that stands out to me the most from that definition is integrated. Currently, I see the effects of globalization at my workplace. Working at NBCUniversal, a company that is part of the third biggest media owner in the world (Comcast) based on an article from Business Insider, I see first-hand how globalization impacts the entertainment we consume every day.

In regards to entertainment specifically, I have witnessed how important it is for all stakeholders to have a say in and make a contribution to the conversations that involve the process of maintaining a network’s brand consistency while also catering to the needs of a specific audience based on their geographical location, for example. Per my experience, globalization is where those two factors meet because for networks like E! to enter a new market, they have to familiarize themselves with that country’s customs that could potentially affect their reception to the content they offer and in turn predict how well their shows will do.

I have been surrounded by diplomats since I can remember and globalization has impacted my family greatly because it is the reason some of my family has to move every couple of years to a new country to be representatives of my native country Colombia while abroad.

In terms of globalization’s influence on the United States, I think it has been beneficial because it has allowed the exchange of ideas, goods and services, among other things. This is why we’re able to buy merchandise that was made in another country or enjoy delicacies from the opposite end of the globe.

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