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Globalization affects my daily life in many ways. In 2018, our world is reliant on material goods to satisfy needs and wants. Everything we own has a story. Now a days, so many kids hold cellphones in their hands, but don’t know the stories behind the products they use. Most apple products are manufactured by Chinese companies and many parts are manufactured in Southeast Asia and China , however, assembled in the United States. It is easier to mass produce these parts in China so Apple relies on China to fulfill its manufacturing needs. The technology we use is in fact a result of globalization as bits and peicies are sourced from other countries.

‘Globalization also affects my family’s lives. When I go to India and travel, it doesn’t seem as if Im visiting an entire different culture or atmosphere because American culture has been brought through media. In India, the advertisements really reflect an American Lifestyle so people there are accustomed to the way Americans dress, behave, and even the sports we play here.

Globalization is good for America because consumers get products for lower prices and brings jobs into third world countries and helps their economy grow as well.

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