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GM is producing ventilators now.

There are more than 30,000 cases have been diagnosed per day last week. During this pandemic crisis, all over the world are facing a shortage of medical supplies such as surgical masks, goggles, protective coveralls, and ventilators. With increasing production, more and more masks were produced. However, how about the ventilators? The ventilator is a machine to support people to breathe when they cannot breathe on their own. It helps patients get oxygen into the lungs and get rid of co2 through the lungs. The Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) estimates that at least 950,000 coronavirus patients in the US need ventilators.

The news coming from The Wall Street Journal reported an article titled “GM Hustles to Pump Out Ventilators to Fight Coronavirus.” When President Trump criticized General Motors’ effort to produce ventilators, GM executives responded that he felt the president was unfairly targeting the company. GM company had begun cooperating with a ventilator company a couple weeks ago. There are more than 1000 employees and 100 auto supplies to start making machines. On March 27th, President Trump felt very frustrated about the efficiency of production. Since GM is not professional in ventilator, they found a company called Ventec to know about 700 parts that go into its ventilator. GM’s head of manufacturing in North America said, “We’re all outside our comfort zone, and the ramp-up schedule, we’re committing to being faster than anything we’ve ever done.” Also, GM shares the design specifications for ventilator products to allow other companies to produce more. Some automobile companies are manufacturing the ventilator such as Ford Motor and Tesla. The government thinks GM can produce 40,000 very quickly, but actually GM provided only 6000 in late April. Because this is a GM first time to produce a ventilator, the production might nor bump up very soon. However, GM is trying its best to produce it. To increase production, GM works to manufacture the ventilator parts by themselves. The employees volunteered for the job in Kokomo’s factory. Eventually, more than 10,000 ventilators will provide a month.

I can understand the limited production of the ventilator and also respect the GM’s action. The relation between the article and course is that the GM company shows its Corporate social responsibility in this pandemic. As a corporation, they not only need to make a profit but also need to help society in this situation. They set an excellent example for other companies. However, I think GM should not receive criticize from the president because they are not the experts on the ventilator, and they do as much as they can. GM is doing the right thing, but they received negative responses, which is unfair. Do you guys think the blame is correct or not? Is there any way to improve production by GM?


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