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Going Global: The Growing Approach

Globalization has impacted almost everything surrounding us, so it is simple to see how it features in my own life. From almost every electronic gadget I own to the fuel I use in my car, everything is either imported from another country or requires a spare part or intermediate good sold by another country to the United States. It doesn’t only end at technology; International trade has made numerous fruits and vegetables available in the United States that wouldn’t be available otherwise. I actually migrated to the US from India in 2012 and was surprised to see the large amount of Indian goods sold here in not only Indian stores but generic grocery stores as well.

Ever since I moved from India to the United States, I have felt that globalization has impacted my life and the lives of my relatives in several ways. Leaving trade aside, I feel it has given me, my family, and my friends an opportunity to work abroad in different parts of the world. Globalization has given me the chance to chase the American dream and pursue a career with better chances of success, which would not have been possible without a global world.

Many people would consider this a debatable topic, but I personally feel that globalization has to be seen as something with a net effect. If people only look at its negative outcomes then it is not wrong to say that it is a one sided or bias argument. Referring back to the example given by the professor in his video in which a person’s assassination led to loss of trade and interactions amongst countries, it goes to say that people exploit the system if they have unethical thoughts. It does not imply that the system itself is evil.

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