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Google and Bing to deprecate piracy websites

Most of us at one point have probably downloaded a movie, music, or streamed something through an illegal website and it is not that hard to do so. Now, internet users will find it harder to search for pirated films, music and illegally streamed live football matches due to a new plan to regulate heavily on piracy websites.

This coming summer, Google, and Bing have signed up to use a voluntary code which will make it harder for users to find anything pirated. This code is the first kind of code to do so and it started in the UK.

This code will redirect users that search for content such as music videos, digital books, and football coverage and will take them to a bona fide website rather than a pirate website.

The Intellectual Property Office led the discussions to create the code, with the assistance of the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport.

This agreement will run in parallel with existing anti-piracy measures aimed at reducing online infringement.

“These include court ordered site blocking, work with brands to reduce advertising on illegal sites and the Get it Right From A Genuine Site consumer education campaign, which encourages fans to value the creative process and directs them to legal sources of content”

The main reason for doing this is to protect internet users but also to protect the creators of the material. But, at the end of the day, internet users will find a way to get pirated films, music, etc… and this new code is just making it more difficult but is not stopping it completely.


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