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Google Fiber’s Potential

One kind of technology that can greatly affect global society is Google Fiber. Google Fiber is an Internet Service ISP being developed by Google. Based on Kansas prices, Google Fiber allows an internet speed of 100 Mbps(megabits per second) for fifty dollars a month, and for twenty more dollars a month, you can access a 1000 Mbps internet speed. For reference, Comcast’s highest plan is $60 dollars for 200 Mbps and Verizon offers 940 Mbps for $80. For people who need higher internet speeds, for example people who torrent or stream often, or have a household where several people engage those things, Google Fiber is a big deal. More importantly, Google is building this network from scratch. Building a networking is expensive and takes a long time. As of now, Google Fiber is only available in select cities, but they have been slowly expanding over time. Another reason Google Fiber is a big deal is because it disrupts the oligopoly between internet service providers.

For many cities, they have little choice in how they get their internet. In my city, my only choices are between Verizon and Comcast. The government has had to step in to prevent monopolies between ISPs.Currently, Net Neutrality is a huge topic because people are scared of what ISPs can do with less legislations, to limit what they can do using their oligopoly. If Google Fiber can reach these areas, the additional choice would be welcome to the people there.

Nowadays, the internet is the lifeblood of society, being used for news, work, and entertainment. People with slow internet speed or no access to the internet at all are heavily impaired in being to do these things. One reason, I’ve seen to people prefer objects like games in physical form is because their internet is unable to handle downloading the digital equivalent. Google Fiber will weaken the oligopoly ISPs have and give people choice in how choosing their ISP.

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