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GoPro Drone Recall

GoPro the technology company known for its cameras have started to make drones named Karma. But there were malfunctions with many of these drones in which they could lead to injuries. In an article posted on November 8th, 2016 by CNN Money, they stated that in small number of cases Karma units lost power during operation but luckily there weren’t any injuries or property damage. For consumer protection GoPro issued a recall for about 2,500 models of its new Karma drones that were sold since October 23rd, 2016. GoPro isn’t offering replacement units for the consumers but they are at least taking care of the customers by taking it out of the market and giving full refunds. Safety can be expensive, but when a company is responsible they pick safety first rather than money as GoPro’s CEO Nicholas Woodman said. The interruption in sales could further hurt the device maker, which continues to struggle with weak sales because of its competitions. When a company has a consumer protection issue just like the one of GoPro what do you think could be another option for the company to choose instead of simply removing the product out of the market? Even though I’m not sure that there is another option that is safe and continues producing money for the company.


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