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Grassroots Globalization (Daniel Aivazov)

Daniel Aivazov

As was discussed in the first lecture, globalization has been a driving force of international economics for quite some time, despite the mid 1900s stalling of globalization. It has allowed for the trade and exchange of goods across borders, continents, and continents. This is what I believe has the greatest impact on my daily life. Inventions and technological advancements are made possible by the exchange of intellectual capital by entire multinational communities and ecosystems. Products manufactured from all around the world are used by people just like me every single day.

As a child of an immigrant family who grew up in a suburb of Washington D.C., I am someone who has experienced and witnessed the effects and influences of globalization from a very young age. Immigrants of all generations are ubiquitous throughout my area, so people from a diverse variety of backgrounds have been omnipresent in my family’s tenure in America, as well as throughout my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood. Interacting with my peers and their families has allowed me and my relatives to soak up all different kinds of cultural ideas and values. These would likely have not been so readily available to us were it not for the international immigration that globalization permits.

Though the question is one that is multidimensional and complex, I am of the opinion that, in general, globalization has been made a positive impact on the world as a whole, and specifically, the United States. Though these positive outcomes have occasionally been born from selfish and unsympathetic motives, the overall good that globalization has led to is so immense, that it is difficult to quantify. According to the World Bank, levels of extreme poverty and poverty have decreased both globally and domestically over the last couple of decades.

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