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Hello, Globe.

Heewon Lee
1. How does globalization feature in your daily life?
Globalization has featured in my daily life in many different ways in terms of buying and using products. For example, my iPhone was manufactured in China, imported beers such as Heineken are sourced from Amsterdam, and my Nissan vehicle is from a Japanese automotive company, which builds their products from international resources. Moreover, I use many online market places such as eBay and Amazon, which have enabled many consumers worldwide the ability to purchase products from different geographical locations with very little effort.
2. How has globalization impacted your near and extended family?
My near and extended family has been impacted by the globalization in terms of technology. Smartphones especially connect people all over the world like never before. Since my dad lives in South Korea and my mom and I live in the United States, my family uses many mobile applications, such as Skype or Kakaotalk. This allow us to communicate to each other no matter where we are located in the world, without paying a price. Communication between our family is no longer limited by locality or cellular range. Even today, I often find my parents on their smartphones, communicating with friends and associates, both local and abroad. 
3. Has globalization been good for the US?
I believe that globalization has been good for the United States. Globalization has allowed people to access practically anything they want from their own homes. Globalization has allowed people to become successful individually because so much information is now accessible to the individual instead of a group of people like a business.
Also, globalization has especially led to improvements in the efficiencies and opportunities that open markets create. Businesses can communicate more efficiently and effectively with their partners, suppliers, and customers, and better manage their supplies, inventories, and distribution network. Therefore, I think that globalization has done much to connect the human population as a global society.

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