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Here’s the Real Way to Get Internet to the Next 4Billion People



Around 3.2 Billion people have access to the internet (there are 7 billion people on the planet, roughly). The internet in underserved countries is put down the old-fashioned way – via trenching pipes and cell towers. For the regular consumer, obtaining internet access at home is too expensive. The government and/or companies hold a monopoly when it comes to the internet, and people simply pay too much money. For example, in Nigeria, a company known as Nitel explains that everyone uses internet on their mobile phones instead of buying internet for their homes because of the costs. One entrepreneur that works for the company mentioned in the article discovered that by using undersea cables, there has been a 20-fold increase to overall bandwidth in the African continent over the past five years.

However, the infrastructure to help others achieve access costs millions – one company alone states $650 million at least. Satellites are also an unlikely solution, as each country has its own restrictions when it comes to websites. Cables right now are the decent choice. Other companies aim to help improve internet access across the African continent and beyond, without breaking the bank.

I chose this article because it relates to our world today. Many business have thrived and grown thanks to the introduction of the internet, and education has become more widely available. If an increased number of people start using technology as extensively as many here in the US, we may see the introduction of different technology companies, or the expansion of different kinds of businesses across the world.

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