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Honda CEO Shifts Focus to Electric Vehicles

In Yoko Kubota’s article, “Honda CEO Shifts Focus to Electric Vehicles”, he explains what is causing Honda’s increased focus on producing hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as the connection between this and some of the limitations that Honda has faced in past months. Kubota believes that recent scandals are what has driven Honda’s new steps towards innovation and a push for increased development of hybrid and electric technology. The new push stems from a need to reestablish not only the company’s reputation but the reputation of their relatively new CEO, Takahiro Hachigo. It’s also worthy to note how by producing different types of environmentally friendly cars, Honda is adapting its marketing strategy and research to suit consumer trends and feedback. Moves like this along with changes such as hiring its first female operating officer well reflect the generational attitudes that are being integrated more and more into the business world. Toyota and GM are two other car companies adapting strategies similar to Honda’s, making the push toward more environmentally friendly technology, showing the industry-wide effects of the consumer. While Honda is a great example of a company that’s taking customer attitudes and transforming them into technological advances, they also highlight a lot of the limitations that companies face with rapid technology growth. These can be seen in the countless Honda recalls having to do with various engine, airbag, and other feature failures. In an industry so responsive to consumer scrutiny, Honda is trying it’s best to remedy past oversights through its push towards increased hybrid and electric car sales in the market.

Original article: http://www.wsj.com/articles/honda-ceo-shifts-focus-to-electric-vehicles-1456307220


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